Monday, July 23, 2012


The first book of Andromedan Chronicles is on Greek book stores from 12-03-12. The title of first part is «Return of the Andromedans» Already is fascinating the fans of science fiction books in Greece. Some words about the story line. In the morning of July 21 of 2015 in a parallel universe thirty thousand huge energy columns starting from the atmosphere hit the surface of Earth. The governments of the planet fear that something really bad is going to happen and economies start to collapse. Fanatics of every religion believe that it’s the end of the world. In U.S.A scientists of N.A.S.A try to understand and solve the problem. But nobody can do anything about it. The energy columns look harmless but no one can make them disappear from Earth. One of the heroes of our story, Helen Pallas a Greek-American astrophysicist, introduces a Greek writer and scholar of ancient mythologies Jason Vourakis to her agency. She convinces the American government to bring him to the Pentagon in order to help them to understand the bizarre phenomenon. Together the will try to solve the puzzle of the mysterious columns based on mythological facts that happened before thousands of years in the history of Earth. The energy columns start to affect the population of Earth in a way that nobody can understand. Much people fell happy, forget their problems, look more often to the sky and feel healthier. And this is only the beginning of the positive affections... The search of Pallas and Vourakis lead them to the fact that the columns are related with the arrival on Earth of an ancient intergalactic alliance that came before thousands of years to Earth and created the civilized human teaching him all the basic lessons which helped him to build the human civilization. But this alliance has enemies too. These enemies rule Earth secretly from humans and will do anything to stop Pallas and Vourakis from informing the American government that a friendly civilization approaching earth and a big war between two ancient enemies will begin soon…


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